One of the de facto training routes for Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm or 8pm.

This route is setup to have 2 out and back sections where runners, joggers and walkers of all abilities will meet up with each other at least once and more than likely twice.


  • Out the gates of the Community Center and turn right up the town.
  • Head back Market Street and through the Convent Cross down Greenville.
  • Once you reach Markey’s Bridge (at night this is where the street lighting finishes), turn around and head back to the Convent Cross.
  • At the cross, keep left and head for the Derra Cottages. You’ll need to cross the road, so BE CAREFUL.
  • Turn back once you reach the cottages and when you get to McKenna’s Timber yard, turn left down the John B Keane Road.
  • Keep going straight through the roundabout at the cinema, and then past Lidl and Aldi, through the lights at Ballgologue Cross and up to the Tim Kennelly roundabout.
  • Take a hard right at the roundabout to come back downtown past St Michael’s College, down Church Street, through the square and home to the Community Centre again.
  • Boom, well done you. You’ve just completed the Kerry Crusaders 10K Spider Route.


Garmin Connect Link –> Crusader Spider Route 10K